We provide hassle-free and end-to-end export solutions


Fastest import / export service with the best price!

We are a one-stop destination for all of your import/export needs, as well as streamlined solutions for hassle free process of export. We look after your requirements of import, in every possible industry, giving you a peace of mind with a single point of contact in the chain. Depending on your demand chain, our solution can be export or import based, or completely end-to-end.

We are experts in exporting worldwide. We make operations easier, link individuals, processes, and data, and provide unparalleled visibility with us.


Having to connect with several third-parties for different hands of the products, this journey can be time-consuming. Since the amount of time, effort, and money taken to complete it would eventually increase. As a consequence, at TZI, we aim to provide you with world-class goods, facilities, and solutions by incorporating and streamlining your global market.

Our integrated business model has resulted in cost savings. We mainly function on a B2B basis. Our mission is to use enthusiasm to build long-term competitive advantages and to add value for all of our consumers.


We make certain that not only our end product is distributed safely after passing quality control, but that the ends are also legal, compassionate, and environmentally sustainable. We aim to achieve our goal by recruiting a team of motivated employees

We guarantee to give a service which sets an example in your minds. Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority. We believe to make a impact in the vicious circle of international trade.


We take into consideration the importance of precautions needed in the current times, the pandemic has definitely made a change of workflow in the society. From sanitising the product, several times to sanitising the packaging, we ensure safety.